Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As usual, am busy as a bee. With everything that went all at once, am kinda got caught up with all these. Sighhh... seriously... I really do need a vacation. Everyday I imagine myself lounging by the beach and soaking in as many as UV rays that my skin can take. Probably till I turned into a cooked turkey on the 4th of July... :P

Coming back to my little story here, I met one of my master class's classmates yesterday & she told me that she's been coping the stress through retail therapy, be it live or through the net. Come to think of it, I've been stocking up with books that I've bought through online like there's no tomorrow. In my wildest imagination, I'll be reading all these books till the end of this year!Aaaahhh... How I wish... but then again... nahhhhh... Reading books only??? This must be stress talking now (yeah... right... :P)

And so, the race is on to finish all these works that have been stacking up consistently since probably adam & eve's time. Basically, it's due to my own procrastination but that is another different story! :P

Sunday, February 6, 2011

~  2 MORE DAYS  ~

Yup. Ruby is going for her 2nd shot. I can't wait cause it means that she's another step to be healthy. Mind you, I was so stressed out watching her suffered so much because of distemper but she's slowly recovering now. There are at times when I saw her with breathing difficulty as well as abnormal eye discharge but she's now healthy and way TOO active! LOL...

Because of her illness, I totally forgot about her training. Now, we're both picking up again and it was amazing to see her behaving so well as oppose to last night where she jumped on everyone! aiyaaaahhh... I guess she's not happy being left alone for most of the time and jumping seems like a good idea for her. So, slowly trying to train her to not to be too excited. Need to do some exercise as well so that she won't be too active.

Ok. Better look at her now & see what she's up too. Oh... What a Sunday. :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011


2:07am. Still awake & worry sick of Ruby's conditions. Been to 2 vets and this morning, Dr. Mary informed that Ruby has distemper. Gosh! My poor baby! She's been in pain few days back and we didn't bring her to the vet as soon as we noticed it. Dr told me that these 1 - 2 weeks are the critical periods for her. Ruby has to fight her illness on her own.

Was so down but I won't give up that easily. She's like a part of me now and I really don't want to loose her. Not when I haven't exhausted all possible ways. Now, currently trying to treat her with vita c. after researching through the net.Whatever the outcome is, at least I've tried my best in helping her . Hopefully she'll pull through. Keeping all my fingers crossed. I really hate to see her in pain but she's been brave so far.  I love you Ruby. Please get well soon. Huhuhu...